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Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones
I only wished
To be a gathering
Of sticks and stones.
Cold wrapped on
A cherry floor
Bleeding steam and ghost-flesh.
Snowy breath
Trickling down
In drooling, pooling rends,
Ashen whimsy,
Trembling, singing
wire plucked.
A snap, whip, strike
And curling thread
I'm felled again.
:iconpaperbeing:PaperBeing 1 0
Philosophy on Fire Island
Philosophy on Fire Island
What happens when we die? I ask.
Socrates is sitting beside me
In a dirty yellow beach chair.
"Only the body dies," he says,
"The soul is ever living."
He's wearing old cords
And his shirt wrinkled –
It says Bad Mother Fucker on the front.
"The soul is immortal!" Plato shouts.
He's running wildly up the shore,
Wet from a swim in the ocean.
His sparse hair is slicked over the bare spots on his scalp,
White sand sticks to his pale and fleshy legs.
"The soul has soul-ness!" he raves,
"And the essence of soul-ness is immortal-ness!"
I hand him a towel as I disagree.
I don't think souls exist, I muse.
"The soul realizes what the body feels," Socrates refutes.
His eyes are filled with rivers and mirrors.
Feed a dog and he will get hungry again, I reply.
"Apples!" Plato shouts. "Armchairs!"
"To live is to think is to be divine," Socrates argues.
He sits forward in his grimy chair.
Who is man but dust in the eyes of the universe?
I say it with a smil
:iconpaperbeing:PaperBeing 0 3
Mother my mother she comes down, mother comes down at night
She comes down
She doesn't eat much dinner
"I'm tired" all the time
Lemon milk in my mouth.
Mother my mother she comes down, mother comes down in day
She comes down
She comes up from the basement
There's war in her eyes
Salty bread in my mouth.
Mother my mother she comes down, she's down all the evenings she's down all the time
She's less than percent
She's lower than carpet
We are frost all the time
Red notes in my tears.
The days they are passing and mother is sinking
She's coming she's coming
She's going she's gone.
:iconpaperbeing:PaperBeing 2 0
These wading pools are made of slag
They burn my legs with frightening heat
My upper lip is tearing sweat
My eyes in smoke are tearful sweet
I can't make out your face for flames
I can't make out the day from days
There's wet cement in all my pores
When my own eyes do others meet
My life stands wobbling on one foot
My life stands swaying on one leg
The structures here are sinking in
The sinkholes here they eat and eat
The pages curl from press of pens
The pages turn too fast to read
Time rages on too fast to stand
The years are bricks, the days are fleet
I'm sewing in a pocket here
To keep my mind and keep me sane
I hope it holds these ashen days
Until another I do meet.
:iconpaperbeing:PaperBeing 0 0
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Now that I've found a few artists on here with work I want to follow I realized it was time to start using dA again. I'll be adding more things over time, though all poetry I post will have been from before September 2012 (there are reasons for this). So take a look at my work and feel free to visit my professional portfolio site at http// Thanks!
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United States
Video Game Tester in Maryland by way of New York pursuing a career in game writing/narrative design. Lover of poetry writing, Corgis, science fiction books and movies, Merlot, and sunlight. Also, new to the whole Oxford Comma thing.


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Fantastic gallery!
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Thank you!
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very welcome! :)
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Wait, wait, a girl playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragon!!!! I just fell out of my chair!!! Beauty and brains and a great do know if you go to any gaming conventions hundreds of really nice, hard working guys are going to propose marriage to you....

Great port, great talent, I'm not a huge fan of the watermark symbol myself. I do understand people could steal work. I find the best thing to do is to simply resize the pic, say 600 x 800 big enough to see, too small to steal. I have over 1200 pics up here, compared to my archive of 40,000+ pics. I also make it point from now on to only publish a handful from a series.

I hope to see a lot more of your artwork up here!!!

There was a great horror film called I think "Stay Alive" about a beta version of a game that comes to life. Really creepy atmosphere throughout the film. God, I'm ramblin...sorry...
tvlookplay Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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